The Movement - Anti-Bullying

Fynnton Gray

Fynnton Gray is the son of Fashion Industry icon, Kenn Gray. Fynnton has long since been known as a model, actor and fashionista in his own rite.  His latest film, 'Pearl' won 'Best Fashion Film' at Cannes International Film Festival in May.

Fynnton, his 'Big Daddy' Kenn and his husband, international model, Korrie Hayes, along with his mother, Kendra 'Bunny Jo' Gray, are thrilled to support and nurture such a loving and giving spirit in Fynnton.  

Standing on their mission of using their platform in the fashion industry as a way to support Anti-Bullying initiatives, the company plans to start a conversation about conditioning, oppression, being kind and being a leader rather than a bully. The premier collection, as it marched vehemently down the Style Fashion Week runway in NYC in September, told the story to all of us ABOUT of all of us.  

How were we conditioned as children?

What were we conditioned or 'TOLD' to believe in?

Who are we supposed to believe in?  

Well, we think it should be ourselves.  

The show was full of major symbolism, starting with the introduction video, which flew phrases across the 50 foot screen (some even difficult for us adults to see) such as 'No-one likes me', 'Little Boys Wear Blue' and 'Little Girls Wear Pink', etc.  

Starting a conversation about gender non-conformity in fashion and thinking for oneself was the theme.  

Superstar models and influencers, Briana and Janasha Roy even walked the runway in handcuffs, signifying being bound by this conditioning, then the next couple that walked had the handcuffs on each wrist but they were broken stating the ability for us to break through these societal pressures, conditions and chatter and become a better version of ourselves.  One model carried a skull, representing the throngs of teen suicide due to bullying and self loathing as a result of these ideals.

Other supporters of this noble children's clothing company's mission included: Sofia Abraham, model daughter of 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham, Aaralyn Anderson, star of the Netflix original Series, Maniac, starring Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux and Sally Field, and many others.

Kids Kouture

Fashion is kind of magic isn’t it? Wear what makes you feel good and feel good about what you wear. Your confidence shines brighter through your own choices than any trend or influence. Always be yourself. Always. 

The FG Project

We are determined to create change and conversation about kindness. Bullying is so last year and being kind is the new black.